December 12, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 49

Man: Burglars took dog food, clothes

Resident Rusty Goodin said burglars who zeroed in on his house at 6 Mile Haines Highway on Saturday, Nov. 23, cleared out the place. Alaska State Troopers are investigating.

Goodin said someone took two guns, bullets, two Stihl chainsaws, $4,000 in cash, food and about a pallet of dog food while he was away during the day. He returned to the house at 1 a.m. to find his belongings missing. “It was like a tornado had gone through.”

“The state trooper told me to lock my door. I said, ‘I live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. I shouldn’t have to lock my door.’”

Because of the volume of items taken and the fact that the closest parking area is about 250 feet from his front door, Goodin believes more than one individual was involved. The crusty nature of the snow made it difficult to get clear footprints, he said.

Goodin said he’s been working on the partially-completed home for about a year, and has been entering the front door by climbing a ladder. The burglars kicked in a back door at the place, but caused no other damage. “They didn’t destroy anything. They just shopped.”

Because the house is tucked away from view, Goodin said the burglars must have been familiar with the property, but he said he couldn’t guess who that might be. A local baker, he said he keeps a low profile and recently has been looking into getting Main Street’s Coliseum Building reopened.