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Police Report


Monday, Dec. 9

An apparently intoxicated person called from 31 Mile Haines Highway, but the call was cut short by a man who could be heard saying profane things in the background. Dispatch contacted the parties and determined they seemed intoxicated but not experiencing an emergency. Troopers were advised.

A caller reported they had to park their car at the turnaround on Beach Road due to icy road conditions. The caller stated they would move the car as soon as possible to avoid impeding snow removal.

   A person reported slippery roads near the intersection of Small Tracts and Mud Bay roads. Road crews were advised.

      Police received a protective order and served it on a Haines resident.

   A caller reported a man trespassing in a downtown apartment complex and disturbing the peace. Police responded and contacted the man, but determined no crime had been committed. The caller was told how to obtain a trespass order.

Sunday, Dec. 8

    A person reported a vehicle with an out-of-state license plate parked on Second Avenue for three days. An officer was advised.

    A person turned in a lost pager, which was returned to its owner.

Saturday, Dec. 7

       A person brought in a set of keys found on Main Street. An officer identified the owner of the keys and returned them.

       A person found a tripod on Lutak Road. An ad was posted on a community website.

         A caller reported a vehicle abandoned in a ditch near 16 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

Friday, Dec. 6

    A caller requested help regarding a suspicious circumstance in the Fort Seward area. The caller seemed to be confused, possibly due to a mental health issue. Police determined no dangerous or criminal activity had occurred.

Thursday, Dec. 5

       A caller reported a vehicle parked near 3 Mile Haines Highway that was possibly impeding snow removal. Police contacted a friend of the vehicle owner who said a message would be relayed.

     A caller requested a welfare check on a relative due to a disconnected phone call and dead line. Police responded and found the individual was fine.

    Two traffic stops resulted in a citation for failure to provide insurance and a verbal warning for a defective taillight.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

       A caller reported a helicopter landed without a permit near 26 Mile Haines Highway. The caller requested a record be made.

      A person reported a sign had been removed from a downtown business. Police investigated and initiated a case.

       A person reported an injured bald eagle near 14.5 Mile Haines Highway. The American Bald Eagle Foundation was advised.

   A caller reported firewood missing from a residence near First Avenue and Union Street. Police investigated and found there had been a misunderstanding between two parties and the issue was resolved.

       A person reported someone had used his credit card without permission. The alleged thief purchased ferry tickets with the card. The complaint was referred to troopers for investigation.

            A caller requested a welfare check on a juvenile staying in a cabin. Police responded and found the juvenile was fine.

Tuesday, Dec. 3

A caller reported someone had violated a protective order by calling them over the phone. As the holder of the protective order lives in Juneau, Juneau police are investigating.

  A person reported an unauthorized cutting of trees on borough property near 3 Mile Mud Bay Road. An officer responded but didn’t find anyone. The complainant left a license plate number, which officers used to track down the man later at his residence. He admitted he had cut firewood further out Mud Bay Road but denied having done it on borough property. Police did not pursue charges.

   A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

     Dispatch received six medical calls and 10 canine calls.