December 5, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 48

Problems with phone, vehicle charges

I see in the CVN the proposal to charge $2 per month on each phone bill to pay for the new 911 equipment. 

 Then we have the $11 per year added to vehicle registration to pay for illegal vehicles. Also, a $50,000 tow truck. Then there will be an impound yard along with staff to run it all. Now let’s get real! 

 When I buy equipment, I have to think about how long will it last, how much I can expect to spend on repairs, and how much it will cost to replace. That means past borough staff, managers and assemblies have not done their job. Perhaps the equipment should be paid for out of the rainy day fund. Then replace the fund through the next 10 budget years. The budget should include the proper expected costs.

 In the past few years, we have had two major vehicle clean-ups. They were done with little or no cost to the borough. Yet somehow, we have a looming disaster of illegal vehicles. 

  Agreed there are always a few illegal vehicles that need attention. That should be done by private enterprise. Perhaps a proper request for bids would solve the problem. Perhaps getting copies of other communities’ contracts for towing and storage of illegal vehicles would help. 

  Let’s work together so we can get back to the dog wagging the tail.

                                            Bill Kurz