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Police Report


Sunday, Nov. 24

A resident in the 6 Mile Haines Highway area reported cash and two guns stolen. Troopers are investigating.

A caller reported a juvenile missing from a house on Lynnview Drive. A parent called back to report the child returned home.

Saturday, Nov. 23

  A Deishu Drive resident reported extremely icy roads. Borough road crews were advised.

A caller reported icy conditions on the Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

Police closed Third Avenue for over an hour to remove a Community Waste Solutions truck from the ditch. The truck was hauling a trailer up the hill, then lost control and slid halfway back down sideways, jackknifed and went off the side of the hill. Another pick-up went off the other side of the road and was removed at the same time.

Police put a 72-hour abandoned vehicle notice on a vehicle parked illegally at Tlingit Park.

Multiple callers reported fireworks near the fairgrounds. An officer responded and asked people to stop shooting off fireworks.

Traffic stops resulted in two citations for failure to stop at a stop sign and a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Friday, Nov. 22

A caller reported his vehicle broke down out of the road near 1 Mile Haines Highway, but that another vehicle would be towing it away shortly.

A Fort Seward resident requested the water be turned back on. The message was relayed to public works.

A caller requested Menaker Road be sanded. State road crews were advised.

A person sought help gathering belongings from another person’s residence. Both parties alleged domestic violence had occurred, but an officer found neither complaint rose to a criminal level.

Police advised a truck and trailer had jackknifed and was off the road on Third Avenue. State road crews assisted in sanding as the borough’s sander was not working.

Thursday, Nov. 21

A Mathias Avenue resident reported someone leaving an unoccupied residence. Police responded and found nothing to indicate the presence of an intruder.

A person reported someone had cut the block heater on her car. Police investigated and said it was hard to determine whether the damage was intentional.

A Fort Seward area resident asked that water be shut off at a residence due to broken pipes. Public works assisted.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

A caller reported a violation of a protective order. The couple appeared in court and the protective order was dissolved.

A caller requested a welfare check on a man who appeared to be homeless. The caller was concerned about the man’s well-being. Police determined the man wanted to be left alone. Traffic stops resulted in a citation for failure to provide proof of insurance and verbal warnings for speeding and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

A person reported a horse walking toward town on Small Tracts Road. The responsible party was contacted and the horse secured.

A caller reported a person on Second Avenue was burning plastic. The person called back to say he was going to discuss the issue with the person burning plastic and to cancel the complaint.

A civil packet regarding an unpaid debt was delivered by the court to the police for service.

A person reported violation of a protective order. Police interviewed the complainant and referred the case to troopers.

A 911 caller on Muncaster Road requested help with frozen pipes and flooding in her residence. Public works turned off the water.

A caller reported a family member was unwilling to stay put and insisted on leaving the warmth of a residence for an unheated home on Small Tracts Road. The family member was unable to walk far due to a medical condition. The person came to the police station and was held in protective custody.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for no taillights.  

Dispatch received 12 medical calls and four canine calls.


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