November 14, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 45

'We the People' out of line

Dana Hallett, a member of the “We the People” group, stated in a recent article, “Some people are uncomfortable at going to vote (at the American Bald Eagle Foundation), as there is a one-sided political viewpoint that permeates that place.”

I applaud the eagle foundation and the Olerud family for opening their doors to the public to provide an accessible and centrally-located polling place. I thank them for having the vision, courage, and work ethic to make that vision a reality, so that all of us can enjoy this unique facility. I am grateful to the foundation for providing Chilkat Valley residents of all ages and backgrounds with educational opportunities featuring subjects that make our valley unique. I am thankful that visitors have the opportunity to visit the foundation and return to their homes with a positive impression of the Chilkat Valley.

Political views have no place in the discussion about the eagle foundation. The comprehensive election reforms that “We the People” want are extreme. Mistakes were made in the last election, but they were not done with the intent to sway votes.

Thank you to the polling staff who are eternally helpful to the voting public. Thank you to Ardy Miller and the Haines Borough staff and assembly for conducting a thoughtful investigation of the election, which will prevent confusion in the future. I, for one, will never support “We the People” as long as members attempt to create political divisiveness and negativity where none exists.

Suzanne Vuillet-Smith