Police Report


Monday, Nov. 11

A caller reported rocks in the middle of 2 Mile Lutak Road. Police responded and removed the rocks.

Firefighters investigated a plume of smoke on Otter Lane and determined it was the result of an unauthorized burn.

A caller reported a Second Avenue business burning illegal materials. Police responded and discovered the man was burning plastic and informed him this was not allowed.

A caller reported a possible drunk driver and vehicle accident near 4 Mile Haines Highway. Police responded but were unable to find any evidence of an accident.

Sunday, Nov. 10

The U.S. Coast Guard in Juneau contacted dispatch regarding maintenance issues at the radio tower in Haines. Borough employees assisted in troubleshooting.

Police received reports of slippery conditions on Young Road and Third Avenue. Public works responded and sanded the areas.

Police assisted a motorist in changing a tire on Second Avenue.

Saturday, Nov. 9

A resident reported children screaming on Front Street at 4 a.m. An officer responded and discovered young adults yelling at the northern lights. They said they were told that yelling at the lights “makes them react and dance more.” The officer told them to keep it down.

A person turned in an abandoned bicycle found on Allen Road.

A caller reported a juvenile on a motorcycle pulling skateboarders up Young Road. An officer responded and warned them the activity was both illegal and dangerous, but did not ticket them.

A caller reported a domestic dispute on Deishu Drive regarding a dog doing its business on private property. The issue is ongoing.

Traffic stops resulted in a citation for failure to provide proof of insurance, three citations for speeding, and verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign, taillight violation and expired registration.

Friday, Nov. 8

A caller reported receiving a fraudulent letter regarding a sweepstakes. The letter said the recipient had won a large amount of money and just needed to verify an account number and pay a processing fee. Police sent the information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as the letter came from outside Alaska.

A caller asked police to assist with an unsecured premises on Oslund Drive. A door was open that should not have been, she said. Police responded and found the building was clear.

A Deishu Drive resident requested police help with an ongoing dispute with a neighbor regarding a dog going onto private property.

Thursday, Nov. 7

A caller reported the expected death of a man in hospice care.

A caller at 26 Mile Haines Highway reported a person burning plastic. Troopers were advised.

A person reported a missing pet turtle and asked that police help find it. She called back to say she found the turtle due to its scratching against the wall.

A caller reported a bear in the woods near Front Street. The person called back and said the bear had moved toward Third Avenue. Wildlife troopers were advised.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

A Highland Estates resident reported a bear had caused damage to a shed and spread garbage around the yard. Wildlife troopers were advised.

A person reported the theft of a tire and rim from under his vehicle while it was parked on Cemetery Hill.

A caller reported a reckless driver exiting a parking lot near 0 Mile Haines Highway who had nearly caused an accident. Police discovered the man was elderly, but not intoxicated, and are asking him to retake the licensing test.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Tuesday, Nov. 5

A caller reported a bear ran toward him on Deishu Drive while he was walking his dog early in the morning. Wildlife troopers were advised.

Police responded to a dispute over use of parking spaces on Main Street. 

Dispatch received 12 medical calls and four canine calls.


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