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Police Report


Monday, Nov. 4

A Mud Bay Road caller reported a bear had broken a window in her shed and was attempting to get in. Police responded but the bear had left.

  A caller reported seeing a minor with a gun on Halloween. The caller said he was dressed up like a soldier. Police advised carrying a gun is not illegal.

  A caller reported being threatened by a man on Deishu Drive over where a dog relieved itself. Police responded and separated the men.

   A person requested a welfare check on a woman who had allegedly made suicidal statements. Police responded and determined the woman was fine, but the family will get counseling services.

    A caller reported someone had gone through lockers at the pool and stolen money from multiple people. Police investigated and initiated a case for theft.

  A person reported two men having a verbal dispute on Deishu Drive. Police warned them about what qualified as disorderly conduct and separated the men.

  A caller reported a chimney fire at 8 Mile Haines Highway. Firefighters responded, but the fire had already been extinguished by a resident.

Sunday, Nov. 3

  A caller reported someone was living in a storage unit on Union Street. Police investigated and found the man wasn’t living there.

  A Small Tracts Road resident reported a bear in their yard. The resident was worried the bear would damage property. Wildlife troopers were advised.

  Border patrol reported an elderly man had passed through the border without a valid driver’s license. The man, who is not from Haines, was issued a citation.

   One traffic stop resulted in a warning for a taillight violation.

Saturday, Nov. 2

    A caller reported an altercation between two people on Oslund Drive. Police responded and investigation revealed the man had kicked several rotten pumpkins around the yard in his frustration. Officers determined no crime had been committed.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for a taillight violation and speeding.

Friday, Nov. 1

  A 911 caller reported a domestic dispute on Mud Bay Road. The woman reported the man had grown angry and thrown cupcakes she had baked across the room. No arrests were made and the two were separated for the night.

       A person reported witnessed an escalating domestic dispute near the intersection of Main Street and Second Avenue. A woman was dragging a man, who was clinging to her while she repeatedly knocked him in the head. Police responded and determined no crime had been committed.

    Police responded to a report of money stolen from a public building. An investigation is ongoing.

   A person reported she was using the crosswalk at Third Avenue and Haines Highway when a car pulled into the lane and nearly hit her. Police couldn’t locate the vehicle.

    A caller reported a bear leaning on a glass window at a Mud Bay Road residence. The bear left when the resident tapped on the window. Wildlife troopers were advised.

    One traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Thursday, Oct. 31

    A person reported drug activity at a Front Street bar. Police did not find evidence of drug activity.

  A person reported an abandoned car on Helms Loop that will be impeding snow removal in the future.

   A Deishu Drive resident requested assistance contacting a taxi service due to a possible bear in the area where she was intending to walk.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

  A person reported an abandoned vehicle on school property. The vehicle was moved.

  Fire crews responded to a chimney fire on Vermeer Street. The fire was out by the time firefighters arrived.

  A caller reported an unknown man from out-of-state threatened her over the phone with unfounded legal charges and claimed to be with the FBI. The man said she had donated $50 to a charity but the money was actually used to fund a terrorist organization. Police and Alaska Power and Telephone determined the call came from out of state, so the investigation was turned over to the FBI.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

  A caller reported $50 stolen from the cash register at the pool. Police initiated a case for theft.

  Troopers arrested a man for violating conditions of release. The man was not allowed to come to Haines or enter a Mosquito Lake residence. He was charged with multiple counts of violating conditions of release.

      A person reported gunshots in the Small Tracts Road area. Police were unable to locate the source of the shots.


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