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Court report


Ronald L. Jimmie, 55, was sentenced Sept. 10 after pleading guilty to driving under the influence on June 20. An officer pulled Jimmie over in the post office parking lot after he rolled through a stop sign at Third Avenue and Old Haines Highway. Smelling alcohol, the officer performed field sobriety tests, which Jimmie failed. The officer also found a large paper sack with a plastic bag of marijuana and three marijuana pipes. At the police station, Jimmie blew a .119 on the Breathalyzer. He was sentenced to five days in jail, $1,850 in fines, $125 in fees, completion of a substance abuse treatment program, 90-day license revocation, six months of using an ignition interlock device and two years’ probation. A charge of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree was dismissed.

Wayne R. Chambers, 47, was sentenced Sept. 12 after pleading guilty to wasting salmon on Aug. 27, 2012. A trooper found Chambers had 12 rotting salmon carcasses in a commercial drift gillnet on the F/V Shannon while the vessel was in the Small Boat Harbor. Chambers also pleaded guilty to two counts of unsworn falsification of a commercial fishing permit application after investigation revealed Chambers had claimed both Alaska and Yukon Territory residency on several permit applications in 2011 and 2012. Chambers was sentenced to a $2,000 fine, a $50 fee, and two years’ probation. Three charges of unsworn falsification were dismissed.

Drew Baltzell, 20, was sentenced Aug. 21 after pleading guilty to consuming alcohol on July 27. An officer approached Baltzell, who had a warrant out for his arrest, at the fairgrounds, and noticed Baltzell was intoxicated and having difficulty balancing. He was sentenced to a $200 fine, a $10 fee, completion of a substance abuse program, and one year probation.

Baltzell was also sentenced Aug. 21 after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal trespass on March 10. Baltzell and another man took an Alaska Department of Fish and Game truck, drove it into the Delta Western parking lot and ran. An attendant took the keys from the vehicle. When the pair returned, they discovered the keys missing and fled to a white truck waiting nearby. The white truck later returned to buy gas. Baltzell was sentenced to 80 hours of community service, $50 in fees, and one year probation. He was ordered to write a letter of apology to Fish and Game. A charge of first-degree vehicle theft was dismissed.

John C. Flory, 22, was sentenced Aug. 6 after pleading guilty to violating conditions of release on Feb. 24. Flory, under a previous conviction, was not allowed to consume alcohol or be in an establishment where alcohol is sold or served. An officer spotted Flory at a Main Street bar. Flory was sentenced to five days in jail, $100 in fees, completion of an alcohol treatment program and two years’ probation.

Flory was also sentenced Aug. 6 after pleading guilty to violating conditions of release on March 13. An officer spotted Flory leaving a liquor store near 0 Mile Haines Highway. The officer also found a half-empty beer can in Flory’s vehicle. Flory was sentenced to 10 days in jail and $100 in fees.

Frank C. Flory, 46, was sentenced Sept. 11 after a jury found him guilty of two counts of fourth-degree assault on June 6. A woman came to the police station and reported Flory was drinking and being abusive. She said Flory had thrown her down on the ground and tried to choke her. When she attempted to leave, he tried to rip her out of the truck. Investigation revealed redness and swelling on the woman’s neck and throat. Police arrested Flory, who blew a .365 on the Breathalyzer. He was sentenced to 240 days in jail, a $50 fee, completion of a substance abuse program, four years’ probation, and to provide a DNA sample upon request.

Richard C. Folta, 78, was sentenced Oct. 14 after pleading no contest to first-degree harassment on Feb. 19. A girl reported Folta, while at the Haines School, had put his hand down her pants and inside her underwear, touching her buttocks. Folta said he had merely swatted the girl on the butt to make her leave him alone. Folta was sentenced to one year’s probation, a $50 fee, 80 hours of community service and compliance with suspended imposition of sentence conditions. Folta also cannot go to the school or be around children under 13 without the presence of another adult. A charge of fourth-degree assault was dismissed.

Randell G. Jackson, 53, was sentenced Oct. 17 after a jury found him guilty of disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest on July 28. Jackson started cursing at three officers when they entered a Main Street bar to do a walk-through. Jackson then attempted to head-butt one of the officers, and began kicking and flailing when the officers arrested him and tried to remove him from the bar. Jackson also kicked one of the officers in the groin. Jackson was sentenced to 70 days in jail, $200 in fees, two year probation and to provide a DNA sample if requested.