Police Report


Monday, Oct. 28

A traffic stop was conducted by the state trooper.

Sunday, Oct. 27

A caller reported several randomly placed traffic cones in Main Street from the intersection of Fifth Avenue to Piedad Road. An officer was advised and moved the cones in the morning.

A caller reported a gunshot in the Oslund Drive area. An officer responded and found no signs of a disturbance.

A woman came to the station to report a motor vehicle accident with minor damage and no injuries. An officer assisted.

Saturday, Oct. 26

A caller reported a missing kayak.

A caller reported a couple engaged in sexual activity in the middle of Sunshine Mountain Road. Troopers were advised.

A person reported an unattended child in the middle of New Hart Street. The caller stated the responsible party came and retrieved the child.

A caller requested information about a protective order he received. He also wanted to know whom to contact about possible illegal drug use in Juneau. The Juneau Police Department was advised.

A motorist was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, but investigation revealed the vehicle was operated by a student driver.

Friday, Oct. 25

A person reported receiving several fraudulent phone calls in the past week. The caller claimed to be with Publisher’s Clearinghouse and requested $250 in exchange for a car.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking traffic on Second Avenue. An officer responded and issued a parking ticket.

A Small Tracts Road resident reported a loose horse in their yard. An officer responded and the horse was placed back inside its corral.

An officer wrote a parking ticket for a vehicle parked in the yellow curb zone at the intersection of Main Street and Second Avenue.

A Young Road resident reported an intoxicated male in dark clothing walking up the road. The resident was concerned the person was a traffic hazard. An officer responded but was unable to locate the man.

Thursday, Oct. 24

A caller reported seeing a bear on Deishu Drive. The caller was instructed to call back if the bear was doing damage or endangering someone. Two hours later, a caller reported a bear in the same area getting into the trash. An officer responded but didn’t locate the bear.

A caller reported receiving a fraudulent phone call from someone claiming criminal charges against them. The call came from Anchorage.

A person reported a horse on Small Tracts Road. The responsible party was advised.

A caller reported hearing a woman screaming multiple times near River Road. Police responded but were unable to locate any voices.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for weaving within the lane and expired vehicle registration.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

A caller requested extra patrols in the Picture Point area. The caller said it appeared someone had been doing “donuts” in the pullout, spraying gravel onto Lutak Road.

A caller reported a Beach Road culvert was overflowing due to debris. Borough road crews were advised.

A caller reported a vehicle driving extremely slowly and swerving over the lines near 2 Mile Haines Highway. The caller provided a plate number. Police found the vehicle and determined its driver was not impaired.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

A caller reported a horse on the side of Small Tracts Road. A responsible party was contacted.

A caller reported a dog barking incessantly. Police responded to the noise ordinance violation. Police discovered the owner was out of town, but gave the owner a warning when he returned.

A housing manager reported a door to an apartment had been kicked in some time during the past few days. Police responded and initiated an investigation.

A caller reported a horse loose on Small Tracts Road. The responsible party was contacted.

Police arrested a person for violating conditions of release after they found she had been consuming alcohol. The person was not allowed to consume alcohol or be in a place where it is sold or served.

A person reported a suspicion that someone was staying in a downtown building that was closed. The caller reported seeing a sleeping bag in the hallway. Police responded but found no personal belongings.

Dispatch received 25 medical calls and four canine calls.


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