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Truth is a line that shouldn't be crossed


In reference to Kathleen Menke’s letter of Oct. 17, let us talk about “crossing the line.” In my opinion, the line that should never be crossed is the line of truth. I do not understand why Menke thinks that telling the truth is “crossing the line.” I think that lying, speaking non-truth, or knowingly providing false information on written documents is crossing the line. Providing false information on employment applications clearly is “crossing the line.”

Xi Cui provided false information on her employment application. Cui stated that she was legally eligible to work in the United States, when in fact she was not eligible to work in the United States. Cui’s application should have been rejected for two reasons: Cui was not eligible to seek employment in the United States, and Cui lied on her application stating that she was eligible to seek employment in the United States.

Earnest then pursued what I maintain is the illegal use of an H1B visa for Cui, violating federal law, as well as moral, ethical, and patriotic standards. Reporting on government officials who are engaging in illegal and unethical activities is not crossing the line. Lying on an employment application is crossing the line, and is normally grounds for immediate termination. Do not shoot the messenger, at least before you understand the facts.

The hiring of Cui is just another indication of a dysfunctional government. Cui should be terminated for lying on her employment application, just like anyone else.

Fred Einspruch