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Town needs to address theft problem


This October I had hundreds of dollars of mechanic tools stolen out of my truck. Some of those tools were gifts from loved ones who passed away. Those tools took decades to acquire and being handicapped and low income, it will take many years to replace them. Now I don’t have tools to fix the things my wife and I own or repair a neighbor’s or friend’s chainsaw or ATV. I can no longer lend them to people in need. This thief created much hardship and sorrow but I’m sure they don’t care. The tools my dad, uncles and grandfather gave me are gone forever. The only thing that makes me smile is knowing thieves eventually get caught and who hires or trusts a thief? Haines used to be a place where you could trust others, but not now with thieves. I think the custom in Saudi Arabia of cutting the hand off a thief isn’t a bad idea! Now I lock everything up and have a webcam watching my truck and home and advise everyone to do the same. Haines must address this problem, because any of you could be the next victim.

Bill Archer