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Remember car tax next time you vote


Well, our tax-and-spend Haines Borough Assembly has done it. They have raised our taxes again! If you weren’t paying attention, you may not have noticed the agenda item this past Tuesday that imposes a $22 per vehicle tax that is to pay for abandoned vehicle removal and disposal.

Yep, every time you renew your vehicle registration, you are hit with an additional $22 tax. That means your motorcycle, snowmachine, four-wheeler, wood truck, and boat trailer are taxed. There already are laws on the books that deal with abandoned vehicles. If the borough would just enforce those, there would be no reason for this unwarranted tax. I hope that come next election cycle, the registered voters of this borough remember who on the assembly voted for this ridiculous, unfair, and unnecessary tax.

In the meantime, I plan to register my vehicles outside of the Haines Borough and I would encourage those that can to do the same.

Greg Goodman