October 17, 2013 | XLIII 41

Car break-in case awaits lab results

The Haines Borough Police Department is waiting on results from the state crime lab to see if fingerprints on items stolen during a vehicle break-in spree over the summer match those of suspects.

More than 30 unlocked cars were raided during the June 17 break-ins. Items stolen included car stereos, cameras, cash, prescription medication, and miscellaneous electronics.

Interim police chief Simon Ford said he recently spoke to a forensic technician, who said the lab’s analysis is still ongoing.

“They did find some fingerprints, but I can’t discuss any conclusions drawn from those as the investigation is ongoing,” Ford said.

Victims shouldn’t expect to get their possessions back any time soon. “People are certainly expressing their desires to get their recovered property back, but we need to preserve all of it as evidence until the prosecution is complete and the district attorney authorizes its release from our custody,” Ford said.

The state is planning to move forward with felony theft prosecution, he said.