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Election procedures are an issue


I am writing to let you, and everyone in Haines, know that I am contesting the recent election. I am purposefully submitting the challenge before the canvassing date because I want it to be clear that the final outcome of the Oct.1 election isn’t the issue. The election process itself is the issue. Despite the honest efforts and good intentions of the election workers and officials, this election was not conducted according to the law. Should I win by the votes tallied during the canvass I would still want the election results to be thrown out and for people to have an opportunity to go back to the polls. As I stated in the notice of election contest I filed with the borough clerk, I believe voters should be able to vote for whomever they want, how many candidates they want, or vote for no candidates if it suits them, and that choice should not be questioned, or expose voters to scrutiny by the election workers or other voters present in the polling station. Also, I support the new method of selecting assembly and school board members, and want to make sure we don’t establish precedent that leaves the process open to question and challenge by local candidates and voters. I am very appreciative of all who turned out to vote, and hope they will do so again if the election is repeated.

Ardy Miller