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Earnest's tenure disastrous


Borough manager Mark Earnest’s employment in Haines is ending. Thank God. Earnest’s departure marks the end of another disastrous manager’s employment. Two people that Earnest was responsible for were both disastrous.

Earnest managed Gary Lowe. Lowe was allowed to resign without any record of wrongdoing. According to the record, Lowe is perfectly fit to be a chief somewhere else. Lowe’s behavior was unacceptable, his departure was “with cause” and was related to abusive behavior. Lowe can seek employment somewhere else. We received an application from a similar situated chief. Covering up the wrongdoing of our chief makes us vulnerable to a chief with similar circumstances.

Earnest hired Xi Cui as planning tech. Earnest hired Cui after he determined (correctly) that Cui was not eligible to work in the United States (required by the law and the posting). Cui also did not have an Alaska driver’s license. Cui was also offered $10,000 of additional compensation that was not offered any other candidate and not part of the job description. Earnest held the job for Cui more than four months, favoritism shown no other candidate. Cui’s hire displaced a qualified American worker, illegal under federal law. Earnest did not make a good faith effort to hire a qualified American, as can be seen from the public record.

We don’t need Earnest’s opinions. Enough damage is enough. Get lost and good riddance, Mark Earnest.

Fred Einspruch