October 3, 2013 | XLIII 39

Moose as a new hammer creation.

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Hammer Museum founder Dave pahl poses this week with his latest creation, a moose rack and skull he crafted from about 30 hammers. The moose\'s snout is a 16-pund post maul and its dewlap is a fender hammer used to take dents out of cars. The head of a sledge hammer and splitting mauls form the face. Pahl attached the creation to his museum July 19 and recently added blinking lights for eyeballs. As a fundraiser, he charged visitors $1 each to nominate names for the moose. Resident Michael Marks\' suggestion, "Bach," was drawn from a hat. Pahl plans to rename his creation annually. Pahl\'s other themed creations include a penny farthing bicycle made from hammers and a Rube Goldberg-style hammering machine.