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It's simple; corporations aren't people


I have to wonder: Why is it that the Haines Chamber of Commerce and Chilkoot Indian Association are for corporate personhood? Both of these groups surely understand that corporations are not people. Before you decide how you are going to vote, take a look at the incredibly diverse and widely respected sponsors of the ballot measure: Dick Flegel, Gordon Whitermore, Gershon Cohen, Pam Randles, Mario Benassi, Irene Alexakos, Hugh Rietze, George Figdor, Liz Heywood, Bud Barber, George McCament, Sally McGuire, Mike Denker, Melissa Aronson, Jerry Erny, Deb Vogt, Dana Hallet, Nelle Greene, and Chip Lende. These are business people, academics, bankers, woodworkers, fishermen, teachers, and lawyers. When have we ever seen such a politically broad group on the same side of any issue? Could it be that the CIA and the chamber don’t want people to understand that constitutional rights were intended for people and not corporations? I’m voting “yes” on the ballot measure and urge you to do the same. Corporations are not people; it really is that simple.

Greg Goodman