Police Report


Monday, Sept. 23

Police initiated a case for a hit-and-run vehicle accident in a business parking lot near 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported seeing a vehicle run a stop sign then fail to yield near the intersection of Main and Front streets. Police responded but did not locate the vehicle.

A caller reported a suspicious, possibly intoxicated man investigating vehicles in a driveway near the intersection of Small Tracts and Tower roads. Police contacted a man matching the description and gave him a ride home.

Sunday, Sept. 22

A person reported a theft of wood from the Port Chilkoot Dock by two people. An officer responded and determined the two had permission from the borough to take the wood.

A person complained a borough employee was using borough equipment for personal use. Police contacted borough officials.

A caller reported a domestic dispute near 1 Mile Haines Highway. Investigation revealed no crime had been committed and that the dispute was a civil matter.

A woman reported being verbally assaulted over the phone. Police determined it did not rise to the level of a crime, as assault can’t occur over the phone.

Two bears were sighted on the beach near Front Street. The bears were walking along the beach and not aggressive.

A caller reported a reckless driver passed another vehicle on the right while traveling southbound on Third Avenue near Deishu Drive. Police responded but could not locate the vehicle.

Saturday, Sept. 21

A caller reported a domestic violence assault at the boat harbor. Investigation revealed a man had allegedly attempted to strangle a woman aboard a boat. The man was arrested and charged with third-degree assault.

A person reported a vehicle stolen from Main Street. An officer responded and the vehicle was located.

A caller reported a vehicle accident near 7 Mile Lutak Road caused by a tree in the road. No one was seen in or around the vehicle. An officer, trooper, and state road crews responded.

An intoxicated man was seen near 1 Mile Haines Highway holding onto a stop sign and unable to walk. An officer responded but was unable to locate the man.

Two traffic stops resulted in a citation for not carrying proof of insurance.

Friday, Sept. 20

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for driving with no headlights.

Thursday, Sept. 19

A person reported a dog loose near Second Avenue. The Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.

A caller reported a person was using a homemade trailer that wasn’t licensed or registered to pull a boat out of the water. An officer responded and confirmed the trailer had equipment violations, but the owner had left the area by the time he arrived.

Police received a protective order from the court to be served.

A woman reported receiving phone calls at the same time every night where she could hear “breathing” and “air.” Dispatch advised the caller to contact the phone company to see if it could trace the calls.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

A person reported the theft of concrete blocks from a Union Street business.

Two people reported a drunk driver, one saying the man drove off the ferry recklessly. Police pulled the man over near the intersection of Second Avenue and Main Street. The man was arrested and charged with felony driving under the influence and a probation violation.

Police investigated a report of an impaired motorist near 3 Mile Haines Highway. Investigation revealed the driver was in apparent good heath and sober.

A caller reported an unsecured rifle outside the public library. A man had his rifle in his backpack and had left it near the library’s front doors.

A Mathias Avenue resident reported seeing her chair being sold at another person’s garage sale without her permission.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

An officer reported hearing several high-pitched screams near Cemetery Hill, but couldn’t locate their source.

A caller reported a drunk driver near 2 Mile Haines Highway driving into town. Police located the driver at a residence.

A caller reported a man loitering near a closed restroom near the intersection of Main Street and Allen Road. Police investigated and determined the man wasn’t doing anything criminal.

A person requested extra patrols near her Union Street home because she had put out trash with food at it and was afraid it would attract bears. Police told her this was a bear attractant and she could be cited. The woman moved the food inside.

Three traffic stops resulted in a verbal warning for excessive speed.

Dispatch received 10 medical calls and three canine calls. 


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