September 19, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 37


You won’t find an advertisement for the Haines Borough manager position or the police chief job in this newspaper, or on the pages of any other paper.

That’s a problem.

Haines Borough Manager Mark Earnest has directed staff to advertise the chief job on the borough’s website and five other sites. The manager’s job also is advertised on five websites other than the borough’s.

To date, the borough has received 10 applications for manager and 16 for police chief. That compares to about 60 police chief applications recently received to fill that position in Petersburg.

To find the best candidates for the most important jobs in our town, the borough needs to cast a wide net and recruit as much interest as possible. That’s more than can be reached through a handful of websites.

Professionals in this country read newspapers. It’s likely that most of the middle-aged professionals who have the experience and training required to do these high-ranking jobs well are reading printed editions.

People who have an interest in the business of Haines read the Chilkat Valley News. It’s only reasonable that these positions be advertised in print in the CVN and in the major newspapers of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

For the manager’s job, the borough also should advertise with the American Association of Public Administrators.

-- Tom Morphet