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Police Report


Monday, Sept. 9

A caller reported finding a bear cub killed by a vehicle near the airport.

A person reported water flowing down the top of Young Road. Police confirmed work was being done on a hydrant.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking traffic near 16 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded and the vehicle was moved.

The landlord of an apartment complex at Main Street and Second Avenue called to report a tenant was not responding to knocks on the door and was making unusual noises in the apartment. Police responded, and the tenant was evicted.

A caller reported an unknown woman approached him and threatened to kill him while he was burning brush. The woman said, “I’m going to cut your legs off and throw you in the fire.” Police responded and initiated a case.

Police responded to a suicide on Oslund Drive.

Police performed four traffic stops.

Sunday, Sept. 8

State road crews responded to a slide at 23 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported a piece of plywood torn off a Main Street building. Police responded and determined the building was secure.

A downtown bar patron reported an intoxicated man getting out of hand. Police responded but were unable to locate the man.

A person reported a bear on the breakwater at the harbor. Police and park rangers determined the bear was not a danger.

A caller reported a navigational beacon at Indian Rock was not functioning. The Coast Guard was advised.

A caller requested a welfare check on a man who was moaning and making unusual sounds. Police responded and helped the man, who was choking on vomit. An ambulance responded.

Five traffic stops resulted in a warning for expired registration.

Saturday, Sept. 7

A boat owner couldn’t locate his deckhand and called to see if he was in jail. He wasn’t.

A person reported a door blown open at the Port Chilkoot Dock where computers and cameras are located. The responsible person was advised and determined the door has a latching issue.

A person reported a dead bear cub at the bridge over Chilkoot River. Troopers were advised.

A “friendly” chocolate lab was chasing the cross-country team around the fairgrounds. The Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.

A caller reported a bear cub on Front Street. Officers responded and used cracker shells and rubber slugs to scare it away.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.  

Friday, Sept. 6

Three callers reported hearing fireworks near the harbor. Police were unable to locate anyone shooting off fireworks.

A woman called 911 and expressed concern over her child’s behavior, but determined there was no emergency and the child was fine.

Multiple callers reported a brown bear cub near the harbor. They were advised to call back if the bear became a threat to life or property.

A person reported someone firing firecrackers at a brown bear cub on the Front Street beach. Police reported they were firing “flash bangs” to move the bear into the woods.

A River Road resident called to report a vehicle parked on his private property. An officer responded, and the person moved the vehicle.

A Dalton Street resident reported she and several others in the neighborhood had heard knocking on their front doors around 3:30 a.m. Police believe it was children pulling a prank.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Thursday, Sept. 5

A person reported a horse walking toward town near Letnikof Cove. The horse was caught and placed in a stall offered by a Mud Bay Road resident.

A caller reported three vehicles blocking construction near the harbor. The vehicles were moved.

A caller reported a horse missing from its temporary confinement on Mud Bay Road.

A pedestrian asked for officer assistance after encountering a sow and three cubs on Small Tracts Road.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Wednesday, Sept. 4

A caller requested a welfare check on a Fourth Avenue resident who was reported to be a danger to herself. Police responded and determined the woman was fine.

A man reported a woman had given his wife bad medical advice and that this constituted medical malpractice. Police told the man giving bad medical advice isn’t a crime.

Tuesday, Sept. 3

A caller reported an illegally-parked RV blocking several spaces at the Port Chilkoot Dock. The RV had moved by the time police responded.

A caller reported a missing, possibly stolen, iPhone in the Porcupine area. The report was forwarded to troopers.

A family member requested a welfare check on a man making suicidal comments. Police responded and calmed the man down.

A borough employee notified police that a man had dropped a set of keys in the water.

Dispatch received 12 medical calls and one canine call.