August 15, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 32

Police Report

Monday, Aug. 12

A welfare check resulted in taking an ill man to the clinic.

A caller reported “heavy marijuana usage” in the campground at Fort Seward.

A caller reported an apparent drunk driver on 1 Mile Haines Highway heading into town. Police were unable to locate the vehicle described as a blue Silverado.

Police assisted a caller with a welfare check on his son. The caller was informed his son had safely left town on the ferry.

A caller reported a possible intoxicated driver in the vicinity of 33 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

A caller reported his wife and father-in-law were overdue from a hike up Mount Ripinsky. State troopers initiated a search.

A caller reported her medication and cash had been stolen while she was drunk.

Police assisted in locating two juvenile females who were not at a meeting place at a pre-arranged time. The people meeting the juveniles called back shortly to say the juveniles had been located.

Sunday, Aug. 11

A domestic dispute was reported to the department. The individuals were already separated when an officer arrived.

A Haines man was arrested for assault and criminal mischief for throwing a bowl of food and grabbing a woman.

A report was made about a reckless driver who pulled out in front of a vehicle on the Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

A complaint was made about campers who were behaving in an unruly fashion at a Fort Seward campground. An officer responded, but determined there was no crime committed.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings.

Saturday, Aug. 10

Police initiated a case after receiving a complaint of criminal mischief. A bike rack near the clinic apparently had been used to break a bench there.

The department assisted another agency at the request of a caller who needed to contact the water department, so a person could work on the plumbing.

An officer saw an individual possibly cutting down trees illegally near 4 Mile Lutak Road. Investigation continues.

A caller reported that there was a lot of black smoke coming off a burn on Small Tracts Road. An officer investigated but found no smoke in the area.

The department assisted another agency about an unauthorized subsistence net in the water at Lutak. Troopers were advised.

A case was initiated for criminal mischief after sugar was reportedly dumped into the gas tank of a car parked on Tower Road.

A caller reported youths jumping off the Port Chilkoot Dock. An officer was advised and made contact with the individuals. It’s illegal to jump off the dock face.

A caller requested information about a protective order; the caller was advised to call troopers as the caller was outside police jurisdiction.

A vehicle accident was reported at Third Avenue and Union Street. An officer responded and found no sign of the accident.

The state park ranger requested that police advise him if they made contact with a camper who hadn’t been seen in a few days. The ranger later located the camper.

A caller reported explosives possibly being set off at the Klehini Bridge. Troopers were advised.

A complaint of fireworks being set off in the town site was reported. An officer made contact with the individuals and they stopped.

Friday, Aug. 9

A runner found a purse and bright pink running shoes in the middle of the sidewalk in front of a business on Main Street and turned the items in to the police. Dispatch located the owner and the items were returned.

A man was reportedly bitten on the lip by a dog after putting his head inside the window of a car in which the dog was sitting.

Police located a juvenile who had run away from a guardian at the school grounds. The child was located about 30 feet away, under a bench.

A 911 call was determined to be a false dial.

A caller reported a woman wandering around Klukwan unclothed. Troopers were advised and responded.

Thursday, Aug. 8

An intoxicated, homeless man turned himself in at the police station, unable to care for himself. He was lodged under protective custody for the night and released in the morning.

A “no trespass” order was served by police to a resident on Mud Bay Road after a confrontation occurred at the borough office.

A 911 call was determined to be an accidental dial.

A female called to report a violation of conditions of release for a person who was out Haines Highway. Troopers were advised and requested Haines Police respond as there was no trooper in the area. Police determined the person’s conditions of release had not been violated.

Wednesday, Aug. 7

A driver reported a tire came off his vehicle on 8 Mile Haines Highway, causing the vehicle to hit the guardrail. The accident caused extensive damage but no injuries. Police helped state troopers document the damage.

A caller reported vehicles illegally parked at the harbor.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in front of the fire hydrant on Main Street. The vehicle was moved from the area.

A 911 call was determined to be from a caller testing to see if the 911 function worked.

A case was initiated for a theft that has been under investigation by police.

Tuesday, Aug. 6

A 911 call was determined to be an accidental dial.

A 911 call was determined to be a false dial.

A caller reported the theft of firewood at Chilkoot Estates. A suspect has been identified and investigation continues.

Police reported an intoxicated male who was reportedly causing a disturbance in public. When police arrived he was not causing any disturbance.

A caller reported someone was trespassing at a Carrs Cove property. Extra patrols in the Mud Bay and Small Tracts area were requested.

Police received 15 medical calls and five canine calls.