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Accusations of plastic fill erroneous


In response to the interview in the July 25 issue of the CVN, the fill material I placed on my private property did not contain plastic oil bottles. The fill material came from the free glass disposal service stockpile at Acme Transfer Co. Inc. There were no plastic oil bottles in it. Someone took photos of the fill material (the CVN has copies of those photos) and submitted them to the Department of Environmental Conservation. Those photos do not show “plastic oil bottles… tin cans,” because there were no plastic oil bottles in the crushed glass. If there were any tin cans, they were removed before the subgrade crushed glass fill was covered.

Anyone is welcome to look at the crushed glass stockpile at Acme Transfer Co. Inc. and see the composition of the pile. Please let me know if recycled glass smells like garbage to you.

Acme Transfer will resume glass recycling as soon as possible.

Paul A. L. Nelson


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