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Police Report


Monday, Aug. 5

A person reported a man and woman engaged in “suspicious activity” in a vehicle parked at Jones Point. Investigation revealed the man and woman were engaged in romantic activity and had been drinking. They were advised to get a room.

A caller reported several cars parked illegally and blocking traffic near the seafood stand at 0 Mile Haines Highway. Police told drivers to move.

Sunday, Aug. 4

A caller unaware of her surroundings asked for help. Police discovered the woman was a resident at a local care facility with medical problems.

Troopers were advised of gunshots reported near the Chilkoot River.

Police took a man to the clinic who was intoxicated at a downtown campground.

Saturday, Aug. 3

Police determined a strong propane odor along 1 Mile Haines Highway was a sewage treatment issue.

Fireworks were reported near Main Street and Third Avenue.

  Dispatch received a report of stalking. An officer was advised and served a protective order.

A caller complained that campers failed to extinguish a campfire at the pullout near 4 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and doused coals.

A person reported a young, naked child left unattended at Tlingit Park. Adults were present by the time an officer arrived.

A caller reported a four-wheeler driving on a beach near Mud Bay Road. Police advised such use is not illegal.

Friday, Aug. 2

A pedestrian reported a vehicle speeding down Beach Road with people hanging out the windows yelling obscenities. The driver denied the allegations. Police determined the driver wasn’t impaired and issued a warning.

A caller reported hearing a cry for help in the Skyline Drive area. After patrolling the area, the police were unable to locate anyone in distress.

Police, fire and ambulance crews responded to a single-vehicle accident on Small Tracts Road involving two men. The car drove off the road into a tree and was totaled. The two men walked away with minor injuries.

An anonymous caller reported a possible drunk driver on a motorcycle at Fort Seward. Police couldn’t locate a vehicle matching the description.

A business near 0 Mile Haines Highway requested extra patrols due to possible unauthorized access by a former employee.

Fireworks were reported at Small Tracts Road. Police asked the person to stop igniting them.

Police helped troopers respond to a domestic violence and child abuse situation at Mosquito Lake. A report was forwarded to Children’s Services.

Thursday, Aug. 1

An anonymous caller reported a vehicle parked in FAA Road. Police were unable to locate any illegally parked vehicles.

A caller reported a vehicle parked the wrong way on Main Street. Police responded and found two vehicles parked in the wrong direction. The first driver was advised of parking laws as he was from another country, and the second moved his vehicle immediately. Both were issued warnings.

Troopers were advised of a black car speeding down Mud Bay Road.

A person reported two bear cubs at Picture Point. The park ranger was advised.

A strong sewer smell was reported at a downtown RV park. Police were asked to confirm the smell.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Wednesday, July 31

An anonymous caller reported a loud, intoxicated woman at Deishu Drive. Police responded and told the woman to be quiet.

Police are investigating a report from a business near 0 Mile Haines Highway regarding a theft of food and money.

A person reported skateboarders on Cemetery Hill throwing fireweed stalks at vehicles and yelling. Police were unable to locate any skateboarders.

A bike was reported stolen from the fair. A bike matching the description was located at a residence and a case was initiated.

A caller reported loud noise coming from a storage yard behind the post office. Police responded and told people to keep it down.

Tuesday, July 30

A person reported a stump burning on Piedad Road. Fire crews responded.

Fire crews responded to the report of a gas smell at the senior center and discovered a small leak in the line.

A person reported a car parked in a handicap parking spot at the harbor.

Police told juveniles not to jump off the Port Chilkoot Dock.

A motorist reported a skateboarder lost control of his board and ran in front of a tour bus near the intersection of Haines Highway and Third Avenue. Police were unable to locate the skateboarder.

The FAA reported an overdue aircraft that was supposed to have landed in Haines. They located the aircraft in Angoon.

Police helped troopers arrest a Porcupine man who was intoxicated, threatening family members and shooting guns. He was charged with assault in the fourth degree and misconduct involving weapons.

A female pedestrian reported men yelling obscenities at her from an apartment complex near 0 Mile Haines Highway. She said she didn’t feel threatened but wanted the behavior documented.

Police received 22 medical calls and three canine calls.