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Police Report


Monday, July 29

A caller complained of cyclists in the construction zones on Beach Road making it difficult for cars to pass. Police told the caller the cyclists’ conduct was legal.

A woman reported an eviction taking place on First Avenue might lead to unsafe conditions for officers.

A person reported someone threatened to cut off her phone service if she didn’t provide a credit card number over the phone. She refused to provide the information.

Sunday, July 28

A caller reported a vehicle speeding and spinning out in the Chilkat State Park campground. The caller was referred to troopers.

A person reported a woman standing on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet on Front Street. Police were unable to locate the motorcycle.

A caller reported a person in a downtown campground yelling obscenities at a child. An officer responded and forwarded a report to Children’s Services.

A caller reported 10 vehicles parked illegally on Front Street. Officers responded and the vehicles were moved.

A person reported a borough vehicle blocking traffic. A staff member was advised.

A caller reported smoke in the area of Fourth Avenue. An officer responded and found a family maintaining a cooking fire.

Saturday, July 27

A Haines resident was arrested at the fairgrounds on a Juneau warrant for failure to appear on theft and trespassing charges. He was also cited for minor consuming.

A caller reported a man and woman, both intoxicated, involved in an argument at the fairgrounds. An officer responded but was unable to locate the people.

Dispatch received a call about orangutans fighting on the Port Chilkoot Dock. An officer was advised, but did not respond as the caller didn’t sound very credible.

Police assisted troopers in taking a report from a couple riding ATVs near 26 Mile Haines Highway who said they came across a “makeshift shantytown” where they were “run off” by a man with a rifle. Troopers were advised.

An officer responded to a business near 1 Mile Haines Highway to assist with a conflict between an owner and customer.

    A hit-and-run accident in the fairgrounds parking lot was reported to dispatch by an officer. A witness saw one vehicle hit another and was able to get a license plate.

Children’s Services requested assistance administering a Breathalyzer to a minor.

Friday, July 26

A man reported a gun and video equipment stolen from his residence on Deishu Drive while he was out of town. Investigation is ongoing.

A person reported a turkey running on Fourth Avenue.

  A caller reported fish carcasses dumped at Picture Point. Police and a wildlife trooper investigated.

  A caller reported a trailer illegally parked on Dalton Street. Police contacted a responsible party and the trailer was moved.

A person reported a man yelling obscenities on Haines Highway. Police were unable to locate him.

Men, one nude, were reported jumping off the Port Chilkoot Dock. Police contacted the men and told them they were trespassing and nudity was not allowed.

A caller asked police to help him access his residence on Front Street, which he had been evicted from. Police told him re-entry was not an option.

A caller reported a person was too close to a bear near 8 Mile Lutak Road. The bear was not acting aggressively, but had charged the caller’s vehicle in a previous incident.

Thursday, July 25

A caller requested assistance with a landlord/tenant dispute. Police said they couldn’t assist in a civil matter.

A caller reported hearing a gunshot in the Small Tracts Road area, but officers were unable to locate the source.

An FAA Road resident reported a power outage and requested information. He was referred to Alaska Power and Telephone.

Wednesday, July 24

A power outage occurred around 9:30 a.m.

A person reported a tree had fallen on power lines in the Skyline Drive area. Alaska Power and Telephone responded.

A vehicle backed into another vehicle in a downtown parking lot. Police initiated a case.

A girl reported a bike stolen from a residence near Third Avenue and Union Street.

Tuesday, July 23

A small propane tank exploded in the Mosquito Lake area. Fire personnel responded and contained the fire without injuries.

A suspicious man was reported loitering on the porch of a residence on Barnett Drive.

A person reported a skateboarder on Mud Bay Road and Haines Highway who was almost hit by a tour bus while skateboarding onto the highway without stopping.

   A caller requested police interview someone regarding a “stressful living situation” on Deishu Drive.

A person reported a pile of fish carcasses at Picture Point. Wildlife troopers said they could be dumped in the river.