July 25, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 29

Underage drinker threatens livelihood

To the underaged person who used fake identification in our establishment on Wednesday evening, July 17:

You are lucky our server merely asked you to leave. If it were I, the police would have been called and you would have been charged. You could also, under AS 04.16.049, be required to pay us $1,500 for your malfeasance. You put at risk our liquor license as well as the jobs of 20 people.

You knew what you were doing was illegal. I am distressed that you were also accompanied by coworkers who knew your age. How does this look for your employer?

Do you know what my family and other families in this town have gone through because of a fake ID? If you have the guts to apologize to me, I’ll tell you about it.

Christy Tengs Fowler