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By Kevin Ward 

Landfill improves drainage


Haines Sanitation landfill is addressing a recurring issue of water mixing with waste by constructing three drainage control structures.

“For many years the landfill has had this spring-like phenomena occur, where puddles of water form in the landfill, causing water to mix with waste,” said Burl Sheldon, a consultant working for the company. “It’s a regulatory concern that the company has been able to address due to these drains.”

Started in November, the project includes three trenches up to 12 feet deep filled with old car tires. The trenches are then capped off with heavy concrete slabs from old sidewalks to keep the tires from floating.

“Tires are a large, high-void material that allow water to run through it,” said Sheldon. “We’ve used three to four containers full of old tires for this project.”

All three drainage structures guide the water toward a downgradient, where it proceeds down a creek toward Beach Road.

“These drainage control structures have completely reduced the amount of water on the property,” said Sheldon. “This project has improved the company’s regulatory position significantly in minimizing the water-in-waste condition.”

One of the three drainage structures is nearly finished, and the company hopes to have the other two complete by the end of this year.