Police Report


Monday, July 15

A woman reported she and her husband became separated after a kayak trip in Lutak Inlet and she hadn’t seen him for several hours. Troopers and police investigated and found the man was fine.

A business owner near 0 Mile Haines Highway reported cars parked in his lot while drivers were patronizing another business across the street. Police responded but found no vehicles matching the given descriptions.

A vehicle accident in the post office parking lot resulted in minor damage. Insurance information was exchanged and no citations were issued.

An agency asked for help investigating theft of prescription drugs from a person.

A caller reported a gray vehicle speeding through town near 1 Mile Haines Highway. Police responded and gave a warning for speeding.

A person reported a 14-year-old juvenile who had climbed out a window and run away. Police responded and found the juvenile safe at a relative’s home.

Dispatch received 22 medical calls and five canine calls.

Sunday, July 14

A caller reported seeing a light on at an unoccupied residence near the bottom of Young Road. A family member of the owner said they would look into it.

A person reported a dog hanging around a downtown RV park. The Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.

A caller requested assistance from HARK regarding an encounter between a dog and a porcupine.

Troopers were advised that a newborn cow had gone missing from a residence on Chilkat Lake Road.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for speeding and driving at a low speed on Haines Highway.

Saturday, July 13

A caller asked a ride be provided for someone visiting him. Police said as no crime was committed, the person should call a taxi service.

Friday, July 12

A Willard Street caller reported a car horn sounding for several minutes.

A caller reported a donation box at the community garden had been vandalized and money had been left on the ground. The caller brought the money, which was old and moldy, to the station. Police speculated a piece of equipment damaged the box, as it didn’t look to be deliberately broken up.

A caller requested a welfare check on a person who turned out to be fine.

A person reported a car nearly hit a skateboarder on Cemetery Hill. Police were unable to locate the skater.

            A caller reported a 5-year-old boy riding down Small Tracts Road on a skateboard on his stomach. Police responded but were unable to locate the boy.

A car was reported parked in the wrong direction on Main Street, but was moved when police arrived.

Police issued a citation for driving without a valid operator’s license after pulling over a driver for expired registration.

A New Hart Road resident reported a loud noise from a construction area. Dispatch advised there was no code-required shutdown time.

Thursday, July 11

A Deishu Drive resident sought police help with a marital dispute over assets. Police told the woman they had no authority on the matter.

State road crews were advised of a collapsed culvert near 10 Mile Lutak Road.

A person reported an abandoned car in the school parking lot. The owner was contacted and said they were donating the vehicle.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Wednesday, July 10

An anonymous caller reported an altercation outside a downtown bar resulting in two people needing an ambulance. A man had been punching a relative in the face, and multiple bar patrons attacked the man after observing the assault. The man was medevaced to Juneau.

An out-of-town caller requested hours and procedures for getting a protective order. She was advised to go to the courthouse during business hours unless there was an emergency.

A person reported an intoxicated man behind a business near Second Avenue and Main Street. Police drove the man to his residence.

An agency asked for a welfare check on a patient who failed to show up for an appointment. Police confirmed she was out of town and fine.

A woman called to report her husband was drinking heavily and might try to track her down and harm her. She was advised to get a protective order if there was aggressive behavior.

A woman reported a man driving without a license. Police took down vehicle and driver information.

Traffic stops resulted in warnings for a defective taillight and operating a taxi without a valid Alaska driver’s license. The driver had a valid out-of-state license.

Tuesday, July 9

     A caller reported an altercation at Mosquito Lake. A man recently released on bail and ordered not to contact a woman was observed trying to contact her. Troopers were advised.

     One traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.


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