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Skateboarder causes $800 in damage


I was gone most of May and June and was humored to read the back and forth banter in the online CVN, regarding cops vs. skateboarders. I admit that I really had no opinion one way or another. I was only home for about four hours, however, when leaving a wedding reception at the parade grounds, a skateboarder came speeding down Mud Bay Road and slammed into the front of our car. The boarder went cartwheeling into the ditch and actually emerged scratched but okay. One second sooner, and I would have run him over. With my young girls in the car, I would have run over someone else’s child. One second. I still don’t think skateboarding is a crime, as the kids love to chant, but I do have an opinion now that skateboards belong in the skateboard park and cars and trucks belong on the road. Perhaps the laws are in place to save kids’ lives, not to make skateboarding a crime. I never did get the boy’s name, since he left the scene in a big hurry, but that’s too bad for me because maybe he could have mowed my lawn for a couple of summers to pay for the $800 dent that he left in my car’s hood. Who’s the victim now? I get to pay because someone else wasn’t following the rules.

Matt Boron