Borough staffers fill in as acting manager


The Haines Borough is playing musical chairs with its top position until July 3, when manager Mark Earnest will return to work from a two-and-a-half week vacation.

Earnest left June 17, putting second-in-command clerk Julie Cozzi in the acting manager position. Cozzi, then, left June 25.

As the third and final borough officer, chief fiscal officer Jila Stuart would be next in line in the chain of authority. However, since she is also out of the office, public facilities director Carlos Jimenez will handle manager duties June 26-28.

Stuart will return July 1 and serve as acting manager until Earnest’s return on July 3.

Mayor Stephanie Scott said the acting managers will attempt to address questions from the public, but some issues will need to wait until Earnest’s return to the office.

Earnest, Cozzi and Stuart are borough officers. The police chief position was removed from the list of borough officers by an ordinance passed by the assembly on June 11. 


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