June 20, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 24

Police Report

Monday, June 17

A domestic dispute was reported in the Small Tracts Road area. Officers responded and the involved people were separated.

A caller reported a disturbance near Second Avenue. Officers responded and determined it was two minors wrestling.

    A person came to the station to report their vehicle broke down near 2 Mile Haines Highway.

   A caller reported theft of fuel from a local gas station. The offending vehicle was reported as a silver Hummer, but officers were unable to locate it.

   An alpaca was reported at the edge of a driveway on Small Tracts Road. The owner secured the animal.

High winds knocked two trees across the road at 32 Mile. State road crews removed them.

Dispatch received a report of a paddle boarder near the Port Chilkoot Dock who disappeared from view when winds picked up. Police and troopers searched the area and determined the person had likely gone ashore.

    A traffic stop resulted in verbal warnings for a malfunctioning taillight and negligent driving.

Sunday, June 16

A group of people were reported on Second Avenue, taking a wheelbarrow from a construction site.

A caller reported an intoxicated man trying to enter a residence on FAA Road. An officer responded and returned the man to a campground where he was staying.

A caller reported a vehicle in the Haines Senior Center parking lot doing “donuts.” The driver was cited for reckless driving.

Troopers were advised of a vehicle being driven recklessly at Letnikof Estates.

A caller reported observing an unknown man in their vehicle parked on Fifth Street. An officer responded but was unable to locate the man.

A Sawmill Road resident reported a breaker blew outside a resident’s house. Alaska Power and Telephone responded, but the power went out again and the resident again sought help.

A person reported a vehicle left eight bags of trash at the parade grounds. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle, but Haines Friends of Recycling picked up the trash.

Saturday, June 15

A caller asked if the skate park could be shut down due to excessive noise. An officer responded and the individuals left.

A person reported his shop door on Second Avenue had been forced open. An officer contacted someone living at the residence, who said she had forced the door open.

   A caller reported a controlled burn in the Mosquito Lake area got out of hand. The Klehini Fire Department responded and waited until the fire was done smoldering.

Troopers were advised that a caller complained about a fireworks stand being open during a burn ban.

A person expressed concern that swimmers were going to jump off the Port Chilkoot Dock.

A caller reported parking issues on FAA Road. An officer determined traffic was not obstructed.

A Mud Bay Road resident reported hearing a shot. An officer responded and asked people to stop shooting off fireworks.

A caller reported a large group of people kicking construction cones into the road. The caller reported a different group of individuals was following and placing the cones back in place.

Friday, June 14

Dispatch received a 911 call from a Barnett Drive resident who said her house was beginning to flood. Investigation revealed the toilet was overflowing.

A business requested information on a no trespassing order that had been previously filed against a person. An officer advised the business owner to call if the individual showed up again.

Dispatch received report of a domestic disturbance near Third Avenue and Mud Bay Road. Officers responded and both people were asked to stay away from one another.

Dispatch received a report of two individuals arguing about a computer. The pair was separated by the time officers arrived.

A caller reported an injured cat that could no longer care for her kittens. Dispatch provided the caller with the on-call veterinarian’s phone number.

A person reported a bear had charged and swiped at a vehicle near 7 Mile Lutak Road. Officers were unable to locate the bear. Troopers and the park ranger were advised.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for having a passenger in the vehicle while only having a provisional license.

Thursday, June 13

A caller reported a drunk driver near 26 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

A caller reported the theft of $75 worth of food from the parade grounds. Investigation is ongoing.

Dispatch received a request for ministerial assistance for a large family that had been evicted.

A missing juvenile was reported. The parent found the juvenile at a friend’s house.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Wednesday, June 12

An officer observed an individual operating a business for which she does not have a valid permit. Citations for multiple borough code violations were issued.

A borough employee reported someone had kicked in the siding on the Tlingit Park restrooms.

A caller complained a Tower Road resident was burning plastic and creating noxious fumes. An officer responded and determined the person was only burning wood.

A caller reported a suspicious truck parked on Beach Road. An officer investigated and found nothing amiss.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Tuesday, June 11

A business reported fresh concrete was damaged by a careless pedestrian. The business repaired the concrete.

A caller complained regarding objects obstructing views of a property at First Avenue and Lutak Road.

A caller complained about a motorist driving 5 mph around town. Officers advised they could not do anything after the fact.

A caller reported a moose and calf in the road, but the moose had moved off the road by the time officers responded.

A man was cited for negligent driving after “peeling out” of a downtown parking lot, spraying gravel that damaged a car windshield.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Dispatch received 21 medical calls and five canine calls.