June 13, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 23

Accident points to need for gun safety

A few months ago, there was an incident involving myself, a handgun and my good friend’s leg. Thankfully, no permanent damage was done, but the sobering experience left all those who were there with a lesson in firearms etiquette that is sure to last a lifetime.

I am writing this letter not only to apologize wholeheartedly to Jason Albecker and the Haines Volunteer Fire Department ambulance crew, but also to remind everyone about the care and respect necessary in owning and handling their weapons. I have been an avid sportsman and gun owner my entire life, always taking pride in the motto, “Safety first.” But firsthand I experienced that it takes only half a second of not paying attention, and the window for an accident is left wide open. If we all stay responsible and obey the basic rules of firearm safety, it will go a long way in helping ensure that Haines stays safe and well-armed for generations to come. Thank you all for reading.

Frank Hickman