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Police Report


Monday, June 10

  An assembly member requested officer presence at the assembly chambers for an unruly audience. An officer responded.

An officer delivered a no trespassing notice on an individual who had attempted to steal boards from the Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds.

A caller complained a driver had damaged his car’s window by speeding out of a parking lot, throwing gravel.

Sunday, June 9

A caller reported a hit-and-run at 0 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and found the parties involved had exchanged information and did not require police assistance.

Officers assisted troopers by responding to an assault between two females at 26 Mile Haines Highway. The women were arguing over the ownership of dogs.

A Dalton Street resident reported a diesel smell coming from her house’s water heater/furnace area. The officer shut off the fuel valve and power to the system.

Saturday, June 8

Dispatch referred a caller seeking information about Fish and Game regulations to wildlife troopers.

A caller reported $243 had been fraudulently charged to their credit card in Pennsylvania. Because the charges occurred out of state, police forwarded information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A caller reported receiving unwanted phone calls. Dispatch referred the caller to the court for a protective order.

Dispatch referred to the court a caller reporting a violation of a custody agreement.

A caller reported an ATV trespassing on land in the River Road area. Officers were unable to locate the ATV.

Two traffic stops resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Friday, June 7

A caller reported an individual threatening to move boats around the harbor and damage property. An officer responded to where the individual was reported to be heading, but didn’t make contact.

Fair employees reported the theft of boards used for the hockey rink. Officers responded and recovered the items. Theft charges are pending.

A horse was reported in the Small Tracts Road area. Officers responded and the horse was taken back to the owners.

A caller reported a vehicle driving suspiciously on the Haines Highway. The vehicle’s license plate was given, but officers found nothing was amiss.

Thursday, June 6

A company requested extra patrols of the area near Haines Highway and Front Street after someone vandalized freshly-poured concrete. The company repaired the concrete.

A person reported an underage man had asked to buy alcohol for him from a business near 0 Mile Haines Highway. The person knew the man’s first name and officers were able to identify him. Charges are pending.

Dispatch received a report of domestic violence in the area of Small Tracts Road. Officers responded and discovered a man had allegedly choked a woman, who sustained injuries to her throat, neck and arms. The man was arrested and taken to the police department, where he blew a .365. The man was charged with third-degree assault.

Dispatch received a report of a reckless driver on Haines Highway near Allen Road.

Two traffic stops resulted in a citation for speeding and a verbal warning for no registration.

Wednesday, June 5

A Pieded Road resident reported a man trespassing on his property. The man was attempting to peddle his wares. An officer responded and the man left the area.

A Mathias Avenue resident reported she located a post-hole digger previously reported as stolen.

A Beach Road resident reported a tour operator consistently blocking traffic on the road. An investigation is ongoing.

Police cited a tour operator for multiple borough code violations regarding permits required to operate and utilize the Port Chilkoot Dock parking facilities.

Police served two stalking protective orders on a man in Haines.

A citizen turned in an iPad found outside the Harbor Bar.

A woman reported an orange kayak missing from a residence on Dalton Street.

A man reported his sister did not return to her home in Klukwan after attending an event the previous night. Police verified the woman was fine.

Tuesday, June 4

A woman reported a man she was letting use her garage had entered her home on Allen Road without her permission. An officer responded and the man left.

A caller reported seeing his dog, which has been missing from the Mud Bay Road area, riding in another person’s car. The caller was referred to the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel.

A caller reported the theft of medication, a cell phone cord, jewelry and $700 from a residence on Union Street. An officer responded and initiated a case.

Dispatch received 10 medical calls and four canine calls.