May 30, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 21

Police are trying to keep people safe

As a citizen of Haines and a student driver, I am thankful for all our police department does for our safety on and off the road. Between people slamming the police for doing or not doing anything about various issues, the burden of protecting people who hate them, and normal family life, the police department deserves more support from a community that is touted for its friendliness and hospitality. I, personally, would not like to have the displeasure of killing a skateboarder or inebriant or damaging something when avoiding one. If close calls or accidents haven’t happened yet, they certainly will, and the police are trying their best to keep everyone safe. I don’t mind kids having fun skateboarding, but if they’re being a traffic hazard, I would rather them off the road. Be safe; being “cool” isn’t worth someone’s life.

Victoria Hansen