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Treat cemetery with respect


The cemetery is looking nicer than ever, thanks to the efforts of the Haines Borough public works department and the caring citizens of Haines. There is a huge problem developing out there by people walking their dogs in a place that should be treated with respect for veterans, families, friends and Alaska Natives. Not to mention children dying too soon. Yet these horrible people are allowing their dogs to poop all over the cemetery and are too lazy or disrespectful to clean up after their animals. Instead of a nice place to walk and read the stones or say a few prayers for those gone before us, we are carefully stepping around and looking for dog crap! I see people walking dogs there and I wonder what in the world is going through their heads using a place like that for a dog toilet! Please either keep your dogs at home or find another place for them to poop or at least clean up after them. How would you like the rest of us to bring our dogs to your house to mess up your yard?

Carol Waldo