May 23, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 20

Fight on, local skateboarders

So Haines Borough cops say they’re only enforcing the laws on the books. Could the police actually be selectively enforcing town laws? Read further in the May 16 issue of the CVN and one gets to the police report.

From May 12: “Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for failure to maintain a safe speed and an illegal U-turn.” From May 9: “A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.” From May 8: Failure to stop at a stop sign gets a verbal warning.

On May 10, according to the same police report, “Police issued a citation to one man for unlawful use of a skateboard.” I guess that if this individual had only been speeding or running a stop sign he’d have gotten off with a warning.

Are these skateboarders actually a threat to the Haines Borough? Skateboarders must be far worse than drivers who speed and run stop signs.

I love Haines. My sister lives in Haines. My wife and I spent two weeks last summer in and around your great town. Running stop signs and speeding are threats to all residents and visitors safety. Skateboarding is not, and riding a skateboard is not and should not be a crime. One more thing: Riding one’s skateboard in an empty parking lot a problem? Oh please!

It’s time for the borough to put all of this in perspective. And to Leslie Evenden and all the boys, fight on!

Rob Lambert

Chico, Calif.