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Consider options to closing pool


In response to the possibility that the pool may be closed for several months at a time, may I suggest that some of the money-saving tips sound like a good idea. Perhaps a slight rise in the fees, higher locker fees or even lowering the temperature (but not too much) would be workable ideas.

We could consider not closing the pool in the summer months, when the children are out of school and need healthy activities to participate in.

It’s not just the kids who need a place to go, but the seniors, Wisewoman program and handicapped all enjoy this place.

Southeast Alaska has a few nice days in the summer, but we need a consistent place to exercise, socialize and even do our physical therapy.

I propose, if we have to close the pool, let’s close it for maybe a month at a time at various times throughout the year, like September (before swimming lessons), February or May.

We don’t want to create a situation where our children feel the need to swim and end up in the ocean, lakes and rivers; we all know the dangers and the past accidents our community has endured.

Kate Harrop