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New taxi outfit serving town

Taxi service has returned to Haines after a nine-month hiatus.

Anytime Taxi and Tours, owned and operated by Viva and David Landry, will offer taxi service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the borough. The company will also provide $35 tours to Chilkoot Lake based around Haines history and Tlingit culture.

“It’s something the community needs. You have your tourist season, and you have your off-season, too. There’s always somebody that needs a ride,” said Viva Landry.

Ms. Lucy Taxi and Courier Service, owned by Stan Mazeikas, ceased providing taxi service last August due to declining ridership, but still provides tours and shuttle service between town and the airport and ferry terminal. Landry said she isn’t discouraged by Mazeikas’ attempt to sell his business because of declining sales.

“I’ve already talked with tons of people all over town... There has been nothing but good kudos. Everybody wants it,” she said.

Landry said within city limits and to the airport she intends to charge $6 one-way, $3 per extra person and $10 round-trip. For the ferry terminal, she will charge $12 one-way, $6 per extra person, and $20 round-trip. To Klukwan, $45 one-way, $15 per extra person, and $75 round-trip.

The company will also offer a punch card for within city limits: ride 10 round-trips, get the 11th free (or half-off to Klukwan).

Landry said in addition to getting good feedback from citizens, clinic employees have expressed support for a taxi service so nurses don’t have to stress about how to get discharged patients home.

Acting police chief Simon Ford said taxi service would potentially help curb the incidence of impaired driving.

“In the process of apprehending impaired drivers, our officers routinely ask the question, ‘Why were you driving?’ A common response that we hear is, ‘Because I didn’t have any other way home.’ The option of hiring a taxi for a ride home from a bar or a party is something that has the potential to keep all of our citizens safer,” Ford said.

Landry said she is only starting off with one vehicle, but hopes to expand.  

Contact Anytime Taxi and Tours at 303-9246, 303-8984, or 


Hughes offers fisheries gear

Surf Fisheries Supply offers Momoi Nets, Mustang inflatable work vests and “whale pingers.”

The company is operated by gillnet skipper Norman Hughes, who is a sales representative for Seattle Marine Supply. He can order gillnet components, including web, lead lines and corks. He is stocking 6-inch and 5.25-inch web. “It’s going fast,” he said.

“I noticed that there was no one here who stocked nets. As soon as they got in, they were gone. I thought I’d offer a service that wasn’t being offered,” Hughes said.

The work vests are compact, with cushioned necks, and inflate on submersion. Similar to life vests on airplanes, there’s also a manual trigger and a blow-tube as a fail-safe in the event self-inflation by CO2 cartridge doesn’t occur.

“No one else in town has them that I’m aware. As soon as I start selling them, I imagine everyone else will, too,” Hughes said.

The pingers attach to the cork line, activate automatically in water and send a signal that deters whales from approaching. “Baleen whales don’t have echo-location, and they can’t see straight ahead.”

Hughes said customers can reach him at his cell phone, 907-723-4848.


Dalton store sells knotwork

A new store in Dalton City offers original jewelry, clothing and accessories featuring knotwork.

Resident Cassie Miller started “Knot Your Day Designs” about a year ago. Her interest in knotwork started after an injury left her stranded on the couch for weeks at a time. “My mom sent me a bunch of string and beads and I started making things.”

Miller makes skirts and Sweetheart-cut and vintage, high-waisted dresses, including ones that incorporate her knotwork. She also makes headbands, barrettes and bookmarks.

Miller makes jewelry for men, women and children, and incorporates local river rocks, and raw gemstones such as sapphires and rubies. Special orders are welcome and she encourages customers to peruse her selection for ideas about custom designs.

Knot Your Day Designs is located in the Bennett News building at Dalton City. May hours are limited to weekends and cruise ship docking days. Summer hours will be Wednesdays through Sundays.

Miller also is available by appointment. Her local phone is 303-2016.


GCI agent makes visit

A GCI representative will be in Haines this week for the first time since the company started offering mobile phone service here last fall.

Representative Jim Nicholson will be in Haines from Thursday to Sunday to promote GCI’s service and sell phone plans, wireless operations manager Sara Huff said.

“We don’t have a whole lot of customers in Haines yet, so it’s a trip to try and get the word out that GCI has service there,” Huff said.

Residents interested in setting up an appointment with Nicholson can contact him at 907-500-8510.