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Legislator supports oil tax referendum


No Prozac for me! I love my job. Alas, I’m afraid I can’t say that love affair extends to some of the legislation passed by the Alaska Legislature.

But I’ll never ever allow myself to get depressed by what is depressing: huge tax cuts for oil companies, misinformation spread by Kenai River Sportsfishing Association about a Board of Fish nominee, and proposed ferries that seem like a questionable match for Lynn Canal weather. When facing an onslaught of less-than-uplifting political news, I believe in waging a war of positivity and productivity.

On the latter note, there’s something concrete we can do about the circa $1 billion-a-year oil company tax cut (SB 21) that, despite my and Sen. Bert Stedman’s efforts, passed the Alaska Legislature just a few weeks ago: we can repeal the darn thing. God bless the Alaska Constitution, because it provides citizens the recourse of referendum, and there is a statewide effort to put SB 21 on the 2014 ballot for repeal. Can I hear an amen?

Petition books should be circulating shortly, and every signature matters. We can do something about this, and that’s something that’s both positive and productive.

Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins