Hold Lowe responsible for actions


Police chief Gary Lowe should be held responsible for his behavior, just as any citizen would be. If he engaged in criminal activities, he should be prosecuted. His resignation should not stop a criminal investigation if it is warranted. If his conduct was merely unsuited to his position, then he should have been dismissed. In any case, both his employees and the public who pay his salary should be satisfied that all issues have been properly resolved. 

In no case should Lowe be rewarded with retirement perks and bonuses. I am outraged that the borough assembly expects citizens to foot the bill not only to keep Lowe on leave for $17,095 so he can receive retirement benefits, but also to give him a “payout” of $36,000. There are plenty of Haines residents who don’t even make half that amount in a year. Is this the Haines version of Wall Street bonuses?

Is fear of a lawsuit by Lowe due to borough manager Mark Earnest’s failure to evaluate him during his four-year tenure motivating this payout? If so, perhaps Earnest should offer up some of his substantial benefit package to cover the $36,000. What were the consequences to Earnest for his failure to do employee evaluations for four years? 

Why are individuals in the most responsible and best-paid positions in Haines not held to the same standards as the rest of us? Why are we being held responsible for buying Lowe’s silence? 

Katey Palmer


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