Enforce law on abandoned junkers


The borough is $500,000 in the red, our property taxes are going through the roof, and now they are thinking of adding $22 to our car registration because they evidently don’t want to enforce laws that are on the books. As usual, the assembly can’t figure out how to fix a simple problem. First, I and any other law-abiding citizen don’t want to pay for something that some scumbag wants to leave alongside the road! Simple solution: If a vehicle is abandoned, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out who owns the vehicle. Level a substantial fine against the owner of the vehicle if it isn’t removed. If they don’t pay the fine, attach their Permanent Fund Dividend. I’m sure the borough can pass an ordinance to levy a substantial fine if the present littering fine isn’t high enough. I’m talking a couple thousand dollars, and not some piddling amount.

Gary E. Hess


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