Two residents on Kreiss-Tomkins staff


Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins told the Sitka Sentinel that two Haines residents are among his five-member staff.

In an interview this week, Kreiss-Tomkins said Chandler Kemp works on an hourly basis for his office on energy policy, specifically working with communities on projects, including the Gartina Falls hydro project that is under development in Hoonah. Kemp recently identified a grant program that will help communities fund energy efficiency improvements in schools, Kreiss-Tomkins said.

Kemp works for the Alaska Center for Energy and Power in Fairbanks, a state agency dedicated to applied energy research and testing focused on lowering the cost of energy in the state.

Kreiss-Tomkins also considers Eli White of Haines on the staff. White, a local high school student, isn’t technically an employee but is paid from an office account for technical support for computer work. White works as a special projects coordinator on “stray policy issues” and has a good background for education policy, Kreiss-Tomkins said.

Kreiss-Tomkins said he had an affinity for White, as he himself started into politics at 13. “He’s one of the most mature and professional people I’ve worked with regardless of age. He’s truly a remarkable person.”


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