Class offers a chance to build, learn of robots


Haines residents can try their hand at building a robot March 28 at the library.

Seattle’s Museum of Flight will provide the “Robot Garage” class through teleconference. From 2 to 2:45 p.m., students will learn about the history of robotics, robotics terminology, and how robots are used in various fields and environments.

Students will then be issued a challenge to construct their own robotic rover from a provided kit. The rover will be able to drive in all directions and pick up objects.

Reba Heaton, assistant director at the library, said she chose the “Robot Garage” class, paid for through the Alaska Online with Libraries program, because she thought it would appeal more to men. “Women seem to have an easier time finding things that interest them at the library. We can’t do a whole lot of hands-on things, the stuff that tends to interest men,” Heaton said.

Heaton said the library will be receiving 35 kits. The class is free. 


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