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Those who attack the weak are evil


I’ve noticed in my life a tendency for our human species to take out our aggressions on the weakest among us -- our animals. Just note the terrible treatment that someone visited upon two of the Kinisons’ dogs.

Twenty-five years ago in Montague, Calif., my husband, Tommy,and I saw a man beating a puppy with a pipe. Tommy took the pipe away from that man and proceeded to give that man a piece of what he had been dishing out. Tommy went to jail for assault but was acquitted in court and custody of “Rowdy” was given to him. Tommy’s defense of Rowdy was the bravest act I’ve ever seen. Many people would have done nothing, unwilling to become involved.

The men in this valley who saved that moose from death in the ice a few years ago are just as brave to me. Each man adding his strength to the others to show us all the best of ourselves.

If anyone sees someone abuse an innocent, either person or animal, and does nothing, just remember: That could be someone of your heart facing that pipe or fist or boot. Such a person is evil. As hard as it may be to do, stand up, because if you don’t, then all your life you never will.

‘Porcupine’ Anney Shuder