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Merchant does best to be good citizen


I realize that it is impossible to satisfy everybody all the time. But we do try to satisfy each and every customer at all of my businesses.

During the time IGA has its cigarette privileges suspended, due to employee error or poor vision, we made a decision to minimize the impact on our tobacco-smoking customers. We do our best to follow laws and regulations, but humans are not perfect and we had a violation. Rather than inconvenience our customers any more than necessary, we moved the products across the street to an associate business.

I have been involved in selling cigarettes and tobacco products for 33-plus years in Haines. I do not feel demonizing me personally serves any constructive purpose. If and when cigarettes are no longer legal, we will not sell them. I disapprove of painting me and my business as “bad guys.” We do our best to be good citizens.

Michael D. (Mike) Ward