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Kreiss-Tomkins not honest in assertions


I know nothing about Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins’ philosophy or background except that he attended Yale but didn’t graduate, is 23 years of age and had little exposure to the real world.

I do know that he is not entirely honest based on his presentation of information during his campaign. He accused Bill Thomas of voting for the oil companies to be given tax relief. This statement is false as the bill to grant tax relief – which was a position and request of Gov. Sean Parnell – never was debated on either the Senate or the House floor and when Parnell reintroduced it in a special session, it never came up for a vote. Bill Thomas, as deputy chairman of the House Finance Committee, did vote for the finance committee to pass it to the Speaker of the House for consideration. It died there. Kreiss-Tomkins misled the voters on this issue.

A few days before the election, Kreiss-Tomkins and his staff told voters that Ethel Lund, former president of SEARHC, had endorsed him in the upcoming election. This is 100 percent untrue. It makes me disappointed that we now have, as representative, a person who resorts to falsehood and innuendo as a tool to benefit himself and to put down another.

I don’t know anything about Kreiss-Tomkins’ family and his early age or his subjects and grades from Yale, except his major is in political science and it appears Yale gave him the tools and this makes me critical of Yale.

John Schnabel