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Recycling and need for mining


Thank you to Lynn Canal Conservation for hosting a series of four programs to inform the public about the proposed Constantine mine. It is vitally important that the community makes informed choices about our future. The mine, if approved, could significantly change our community. We need to make sure that the changes would be welcome and beneficial to us, to our fisheries and to future generations.

Meanwhile, how can we reduce the need for mines? By recycling. The recycling mantra is “reduce, reuse, recycle.”  We can reduce our consumption of products that use metals; do we really need all the latest and greatest in technology?  Each phone, iPad, or computer we purchase uses rare earth metals. Purchase what we need, but not every new gadget that comes out. Secondly, reuse. Buy computers from companies that will take back old computers so they can reuse the materials. If companies don’t take back obsolete products, put consumer pressure on them to be more responsible. And third, recycle. Everything that goes in the landfill is basically wasted; current technology doesn’t make mining of landfills feasible yet. That is an area for needed research and development for young people looking to make a positive difference. Recycle. Haines Friends of Recycling hosts an annual scrap metal drive and an annual electronic recycling event. We accept aluminum and tin 24-7 at the recycling center on Small Tracts Road. Watch for announcements for our special events.

Melissa Aronson