Police Report


Tuesday, Feb. 5

A caller reported an individual trespassing inside a residence. An officer responded and determined there were no trespassers. 

A woman reported another female was making harassing statements about her. An officer was advised.

Traffic stops resulted in three verbal warnings for a defective taillight and windshield. A citation was issued for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Monday, Feb. 4

A citizen complained about cyber-bullying. An officer met with those involved.

A loose dog was reported on Fourth Avenue. The rescue kennel was advised.

Police were advised of a hit-and-run near Allen Road.

A caller reported kids poking at a dead baby eagle near the school. The bald eagle foundation responded to find no signs of animals. 

A single-vehicle accident was reported at 8.5 Mile Haines Highway. Fire, ambulance and an officer were dispatched.

A civil matter was reported to dispatch, who referred the matter to the magistrate.

Sunday, Feb. 3

A caller inquired about road conditions around 27 Mile Haines Highway. Dispatch was unable to provide an update.

Police assisted troopers concerning a report of trespassers cutting trees down on private property.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for a missing headlight.

Saturday, Feb. 2

An officer reported a frozen drain between Highland Drive and Bjornstad Street was causing water to spill onto the road. Public works was advised.

A vehicle theft was reported near Sixth Avenue and Union Street. An officer and Canadian Customs officials were advised. The vehicle was located by the officer and the owner was notified.

Friday, Feb. 1

An individual reported receiving a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be from the State of Alaska Medicare office asking for banking information. An officer was advised.

A caller informed the department a dog was running loose on Fourth Avenue in the morning and jumping up on an individual. Rescue kennel officials said they would patrol the area in the morning.

Dispatch received a report of an abandoned vehicle at the fairgrounds. The vehicle had been there several months. Police said they would contact its owners again.

Police received report of a vehicle theft. Officers, state troopers, Canada Customs and the ferry terminal were advised. The owner found the vehicle in a ditch at Fort Seward.

An individual called to report two bicyclists impeding traffic and driving recklessly down the middle of Main Street.

A caller reported Cathedral View Drive and the Haines Highway were very icy. State road crews were advised.

A complaint was received about a parked vehicle blocking the entrance to an individual’s property.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for a taillight and headlight being out.

Thursday, Jan. 31

A man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and later released on bail.

A warrant was received for a male for failure to appear on traffic charges.

A protective order was received and served on a man on Fourth Avenue.

A man requested ministerial services for a month of housing. Ministerial services reported they are unable to fund that much and advised they would provide transport to Juneau only.

A vehicle was reported in the ditch on Small Tracts Road. Police responded and reported there were no injuries or damages.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and a defective taillight.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

A caller reported a bicyclist not following traffic laws and not stopping at stop signs on Haines Highway near the school.

A resident on Piedad Road reported a coyote dragged off his dog. The owner recovered his dog, which was later transported to the vet in Juneau. Police and troopers responded.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

A man was denied entry to Canada and requested ministerial services. The Salvation Army assisted.

A woman reported her tax documents had not been filed as per an agreement with a tax specialist. She was advised to contact the magistrate.

A caller reported a horse loose on Sawmill Road. Several people were contacted and messages were left for potential owners. Police were unable to locate the horse.

A caller reported a vehicle parked six hours at the Ripinksy trailhead on Young Road. Police responded and found no vehicle.

A caller reported her toddler had swallowed an unknown object and was attempting to regurgitate it. She was put in touch with the doctor on call.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for no registration.

Dispatch received 14 medical calls and five canine calls.


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