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Stop demonizing development, LCC


Lynn Canal Conservation said the road to Juneau would be an eyesore. But would not a vertical, two-mile-long pipeline, powerhouse, dock complex at Schubee Lake also be an eyesore to passing cruise ships and ferries?

Being 20 miles inland from the shipping lanes, would Connelly Lake also be an eyesore? And what would Connelly Lake hydro have in common with other Southeast hydro sites such as Goat Lake, Kasidaya Creek, Tyee Lake, Green Lake, Blue Lake, Swan Lake, Snettisham, Crystal Lake or Power Creek? Answer: They all either enhance or have zero effect on salmon habitat.

Let’s let the power companies choose their hydro sites. Let’s let the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Fish and Game, Division of Forestry, Environmental Protection Agency, etc ., with their vast knowledge on these subjects, determine if a year-round, steady flow of water from Connelly Lake would have a positive, negative or zero effect on salmon habitat. LCC needs to quit demonizing positive development projects. It’s not helpful or ethical.

Also, the road to Juneau is not new. It was started about 35 years ago. Echo Cove is the halfway point.

Dave Werner