January 31, 2013 | Volume 43, No. 4

Best to monitor and love your pets

On Third and Fourth avenues there are people who don’t deserve the privilege of owning pets. They are letting their dogs wander the streets, to do whatever they will. Personally, I have experienced dogs attacking me numerous times. Not once have I said anything about it, not until now.

I would like to be able to walk to school in the morning without having to scare off mutts with a very loud, aggressive holler. I have had to grab dogs by the bottom of the jaw and push them away and even flip them and let them run off. I don’t like to hurt animals, but as a person and, as a right, I will defend myself.

I have a dog myself and I know that they need positive, loving attention. So please don’t abandon your animals because they have feelings, too, and sometimes neglect will make dogs want to hurt things to make them feel more important, and sometimes it will not. The best thing is to monitor and love your pets.

Alex Swift