Police Report


Monday, Jan. 21

A woman reported continuing harassment from another woman who repeatedly calls to insult her. The caller requested the situation be documented.

A caller reported a male driving an unregistered vehicle around town. Officers documented the information.

Several callers reported a borough grader hit a phone pole on Deishu Drive, causing a power outage. Alaska Power & Telephone responded.

A man reported a woman violated a protective order when she made a direct comment to him. The woman claimed they had not been in contact.

Sunday, Jan. 20

A resident reported hearing high-powered rifle shots coming from across the water in the Beach Road area. The caller was advised there is a nearby shooting range. An officer responded and found nothing suspicious.

A Fourth Avenue resident reported three dogs were attempting to get rabbits she keeps in her yard. An officer and the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel were advised. HARK found the owner and returned the dogs.

An individual called to report his vehicle broken down at 10 Mile Haines Highway. While the vehicle owner and his wife were trying to get the vehicle to start, it caught on fire. By the time fire and ambulance crews arrived at the scene, the fire had engulfed the vehicle.

Saturday, Jan. 19

A caller reported an attempted burglary at her residence in the Fort Seward area. Officers responded but found no evidence of a break-in.

A passing motorist reported a disoriented male walking from Second Avenue to Haines Highway. Officers located the man in front of the police station and concluded he was an elderly person who does not walk very often.

A dog owner reported a dog had gotten out of his collar and was on the loose. HARK was advised. The owner later found the dog unharmed.

Friday, Jan. 18

A clinic employee reported he accidentally tripped the alarm and had already contacted the alarm company to reset it.

A man reported multiple violations of a protective order had occurred when a woman neglected to return his cell phone and was taking pictures of him while he was in public. An officer attempted to recover the cell phone, but the woman said she did not have it.

A female caller reported being frequently harassed by a woman who calls to insult and berate her. The caller was advised to document the calls and make sure the woman knows her phone calls are not welcome and will be considered harassment if they continue.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for expired registration.

Thursday, Jan. 17

The harbormaster reported being threatened by a man who was told he could not live on his boat during winter. Police responded and attempted to locate the man but did not make contact until the following day. Charges of assault in the fourth degree are being forwarded to the district attorney’s office.

An Allen Road resident reported smoke coming from the mantle of a newly-installed chimney. Fire crews responded.

A pedestrian on Fifth Avenue reported a reckless driver swerved and nearly hit his daughter. Police could not locate the driver’s vehicle.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

Police helped authorities detain a juvenile in violation of probation. The juvenile was remanded back into custody and returned to Juneau.

A protective order was received from the court and served on a female in Haines.

A caller reported his vehicle had been backed into and damaged by a driver in a parking lot at Third Avenue and Main Street. Police responded and arrested a person for driving while intoxicated. Damage to the caller’s vehicle exceeded $500.

A caller reported a vehicle in a ditch at 19 Mile Haines Highway. There were no apparent injuries, but the caller suspected the driver was intoxicated. Troopers were advised.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for expired registration.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

An anonymous caller reported a drunk driver without a license leaving a business on Haines Highway. Police intercepted the vehicle on Mud Bay Road and arrested the female driver.

A school employee in Mosquito Lake advised roads were very icy and requested the high school bus be advised.

A borough road crew employee reported a parked vehicle had slipped out of gear and rolled into the road on Beach Road. Officers investigated and contacted the vehicle owner, who moved the car.

A caller reported two of his dogs had gone missing from his residence on Mathias Avenue. One returned with an arrow lodged in its head, and survived. The second returned with an arrow through its back and later died. An investigation is ongoing.

An anonymous caller reported two female drug addicts driving around Haines while impaired. The caller also said the women were receiving excessive pain medication from doctors.

A protective order was received from court to be served on a female in Haines.

Dispatch received 11 medical calls and three canine calls.


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